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Shiraz Gallery is located in Goodwood, Adelaide in an old blue stone church that was consecrated by the Bishop of Adelaide in 1892.  It provides a perfect location for the extensive collection of rugs and carpets exhibited there.  The range of rugs, carpets and kilims cater for the astute collector with ‘bench mark’ pieces from the master weavers’ workshops to rare and unusual village and tribal weavings.  There is also a wide variety of ‘everyday’ pieces for those wishing to decorate their houses with the ornamental beauty offered by hand-knotted rugs.

Shiraz Gallery was established in 1981 by Javad and Heather Alikorki ~
Javad Alikorki, has been involved in the business of purchasing and as a purveyor of Persian rugs since 1967.  As a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy he exhibited and sold rugs during the semester breaks. Born in Tehran he had grown up with rugs but it was in Italy that his appreciation and love for this fascinating art form grew as he became more deeply interested in their ancient origins and the connections with everyday life of his homeland.

The town of Shiraz, after which he named his Gallery, is in the Fars region of Southern Persia and was once the capital of the country. Shiraz is famous as the birthplace of the great poet Ha’fez, where roses originated and the Shiraz grape was first cultivated. Javad felt it a very auspicious name for his new business venture in South Australia and travels to Iran on a regular basis to purchase rugs, carpets, kilims, textiles and other artifacts. During these buying trips he also finds time to pursue his other great passion of photography.

Javad is highly regarded in Australia as an authority in his field and is a Government appointed valuer under the Cultural Gifts Program.