The Gabbeh Rug

The Gabbeh carpet originates from South Western Persia, and it is thought that they are woven solely by women. They are created by Lori, Qashqa'i and Khamseh nomads. Apart from a few rare cases, the patterns and colours of these carpets are completely different. Most Gabbeh carpets are rather coarse and therefore have simple or geometric patterns.

The two main characteristics of Gabbeh carpets; the abstract design and occasionally complete abandonment of pattern, are not merely the result of coarse knotting. An area without ornament or stylised animal and floral motifs is not often found in any other type of carpet.

The second main characteristic of the Gabbeh carpet is the use of colour. The bold use of colour is different from the decorative patterns and motifs so typical of what is generally recognized in the traditional oriental carpet. 

One can assume that Gabbehs were made for everyday use and have very long tradition. Gabbeh carpets are relatively young compared to many other types of carpets. It is thought that many good pieces were made at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The absence of older pieces does not always mean that this type of carpet is a new invention or production.